Saturday, March 6, 2010

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Things in life that matters to me . They are my wonderful parents , friends . I think they are the most important things that matters to me .
For my parents , they are like my everything . They raised me up without any complains and they have gone through alot to bring me up . Furthermore , i don't think anyone could survive well without ther parents beside them , supporting them and encourage them .
As for friends , life would be kind of boring without friends . We need friends , it's kind of impossible to live without friends . Why do they matters to me ? That's because they are there when i needed them . I treasure my friends and love them alot .

How I can make my days count ?
Time does not wait for us . They do not stop for us and so we could not waste our time . Instead use it meaningfully . For me , my life all revolves around school , friends and parents . For studies , I would make use of the time to really study and revise instead of wasting time watching tv and playing computer games . For friends , i would spend time gathering and chatting with them because we would not know when they will leave or when something big might happen . For parents , i will spend my days and time interacting and paying more attention to them .

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